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Ford Super Duty Rear Cover

The Complicated History of the Ford F-250 and F-350 Trucks: 1996-1999

In 1997, the Ford F-Series lineup got split in two when the new F-150 was softened and marketed towards a different audience, adopting car-like design, aerodynamics, and comforts. This change turned-off traditional buyers who preferred their trucks to look like trucks. Luckily for them, the old style heavier-duty trucks of the F-Series lineup would fulfill their needs Read More

Wrangler YJ back cover

A Short History of the Jeep Wrangler: 1987 – 2018

From just after World War II until the end of 1986, American truck buyers were served up a variant of the classic CJ (Civilian Jeep). First came the Willys-Overland Jeep CJ-2A of 1944, then the Kaiser/Willys Jeeps, and finally the American Motors (AMC) Jeep CJ-7 of the seventies and eighties. For the 1987 model year, it was time for a radical Read More

1980 Ford Mustang convertible

A Short History of the Ford Mustang: 1979 – 2004

The second-generation Ford Mustang soldiered on through the 1970s as a smaller re-interpretation of the original. This post-oil crisis gelding was underpinned by a platform similar to the Pinto, but found more than 1.1 million customers during the its run. Not much loved now, it was the right car for the right time, but like disco the Mustang II was Read More

6th Gen Ford F-Series 26662RearPG

A Short History of the Ford F-Series Truck: 1973 – 1996

The updated Ford F-Series entered the early Seventies at about the same time the first oil crisis swept the United States. One more crisis and tons of regulations later, the muscle car was all but a memory, and those same factors would help set the stage for the trucks to come. By the mid-Nineties, the F-Series was Read More

Check Out The 2018 Geneva Motor Show!

The 88th Geneva International motorshow is currently ongoing and this show is displaying a large amount of gorgeous, luxury and concept cars from around the world. Many of these brands include Aston-Martins, Audis and Bugattis. Take a look at the video and slideshow to get a true feel for how amazing these cars are.

The 2018 Toyota Avalon Review

In large sedans, there are plenty of options to choose from, from mundane people movers to luxurious European sport sedans. Somewhere in the middle, is perhaps the best of them, the 2018 Toyota Avalon. What makes the 2018 Toyota Avalon one of the best large sedans on the market? Perhaps it’s because Avalon strikes such Read More

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