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Chevy Silverado 24066-Rear Cover BW

A Short History of the Chevy Silverado: 1999-2006 – The New Truck for a New Millennium

The first generation Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck arrived in showrooms in late 1998, sharing space with all those red Corvettes blasting Prince’s “1999” from their stereos. Formerly a trim level on the C/K, the Silverado and its equally new GMC twin, the Sierra, were well prepared to welcome the new millennium and do what they’ve always done Read More

trailblazer back cover photo

A Short History of the Chevy TrailBlazer (and GMT 360 Siblings): 2002-2009

The original Chevy Blazers were GM’s answer to the Ford Bronco, and could, with a little help, tackle the roughest of terrains with ease. There’s the original K5 Blazer, which the father of the HUMVEE, Vic Hickey used in designing the M1009 CUCV military vehicle. Then came the compact S-10 Blazer, a much-loved SUV adept Read More

24065 back cover

A Short History of the Chevrolet C/K Truck: 1988-1998 – “Like a Rock”

When you think of Chevrolet trucks, what comes to mind? For many, it is thoughts of Bob Seger and the popular “Like a Rock” TV commercials. This generation of C/K Chevy trucks were the first shown proving their worth amid images of hard-working Americans, while Seger sang about their rock hard durability. Thanks to an advertising Read More

20402-back cover

A Short History of the Dodge/Ram Pickup Trucks: 1965 – 1996

Here’s a look back on the Dodge D and Ram Series trucks, covering model years 1965 through 1996, and found in Chilton manuals 20400 (1967-1988) and 20402 (1989-1996) Second-generation Dodge D Series Pickup: 1965-1971 This generation of the D Series truck (D denotes rear-drive, W denotes four-wheel drive models) began with an update in 1965, replacing the last of the first-gen trucks midway Read More

1986 Chevy C10 Silverado

A Short History of the Chevrolet C/K Truck: 1967 – 1987

Over the course of two decades, the Chevrolet C/K pickup transformed the landscape for all trucks to come. The Chevy truck in a short time went from agricultural to offering luxuries customarily found only in passenger cars, then ushered in a new era of design to improve fuel economy through better aerodynamics, after the energy crises of the Seventies. Read More

Back cover image

A Short History of the Toyota Pickup Truck – From Hilux to Tacoma – 1970 – 2000

The fabled Toyota pickup has done it all since first landing on our shores in 1969 as the Toyota Hilux: fought in numerous Middle East and North African conflicts, survived everything Top Gear threw at it, been the dream machine for a generation of time travelers, and carried the torch for small trucks everywhere. Here’s a look back its history as Read More

Ford Super Duty Rear Cover

The Complicated History of the Ford F-250 and F-350 Trucks: 1996-1999

In 1997, the Ford F-Series lineup got split in two when the new F-150 was softened and marketed towards a different audience, adopting car-like design, aerodynamics, and comforts. This change turned-off traditional buyers who preferred their trucks to look like trucks. Luckily for them, the old style heavier-duty trucks of the F-Series lineup would fulfill their needs Read More

Wrangler YJ back cover

A Short History of the Jeep Wrangler: 1987 – 2018

From just after World War II until the end of 1986, American truck buyers were served up a variant of the classic CJ (Civilian Jeep). First came the Willys-Overland Jeep CJ-2A of 1944, then the Kaiser/Willys Jeeps, and finally the American Motors (AMC) Jeep CJ-7 of the seventies and eighties. For the 1987 model year, it was time for a radical Read More

1980 Ford Mustang convertible

A Short History of the Ford Mustang: 1979 – 2004

The second-generation Ford Mustang soldiered on through the 1970s as a smaller re-interpretation of the original. This post-oil crisis gelding was underpinned by a platform similar to the Pinto, but found more than 1.1 million customers during the its run. Not much loved now, it was the right car for the right time, but like disco the Mustang II was Read More

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