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5 Holiday Gifts for Car Lovers

When it comes to holiday shopping many of us will drive all over town in a mad rush to get presents for everyone on our list. If you have a confirmed car lover in your family or circle of friends, you dream of finding them a great gift, even if you don’t share their love of the automotive world. We understand it’s no easy task picking the right present for a real auto connoisseur. We hope the following suggestions will help you find that perfect gift for the car fan in your life.

1. An auto store or mechanic gift card/certificate

Tires in the auto parts storeIf there is one thing a car enthusiast loves more than driving their car, it is working on it – and talking about it. The gift of a gift card or certificate to an auto store in your local area can give your car-mad family member or friend a chance to pick up a new set of paints, tools, or tires from a place they love, while giving them the opportunity to spend some time among fellow car fans planning the upgrade. What’s more, if you want to give generously, you can speak to a mechanic about specific upgrade work or customization that could be done and then offer the gift of a intercooler or turbo kit to add some extra oomph to a car upgrade.

2. Quality driving shoes and apparel

While you may think an auto show or classic car festival would feature auto enthusiasts already outfitted with gear, visiting one may surprise you. Quite a number of owners, though they may have a fully primed and polished vehicle, don’t own any personal equipment for driving. Help them out with a gift of driving apparel — whether it is racing shoes, driving gloves, or even a helmet for racing on weekend track days. For a driver who wants to achieve precision consider racing boots, like those used by race car drivers around the world. These boots are designed for driving: lightweight, comfortable, and provide great responsiveness on the pedals. They are sure to make any gearhead very happy on their next drive.

3. Online pass to a racing season

Buying an online subscription to a racing package is a great way to give a car lover their weekly fill of auto racing from all around the world. While packages different slightly depending upon your location and provider, many racing series offer some excellent streaming services online. You can choose from NASCAR, INDYCAR, the World Endurance Championship, and more. Buying one as a gift ensures a fan (when they aren’t behind the wheel of their own car) can watch some of the best drivers in the world race their cars live in full HD.

4. A classic car model

Odds are if someone has something quick and fast on four wheels in their garage today, they used to play with a hot wheels or matchbox car when they were a kid. While time and tide may have seen them put away their toys – or more likely upgrade to one with a real engine – the holidays are the perfect time to bring a little bit of childhood magic back into their life with a high quality model car. While there are a large and varied range of model racers available today – from NASCAR and Formula One cars to classic road cars – there are also a number of cars from popular movies as well as concept cars that would make a wonderful showpiece sitting on their coffee table or desk.

red ferrari5. Hire a luxury car for the weekend

Even if someone is a big car collector, there is probably still a car or two they long to drive at least once in their life. So many luxury cars have entered the market in recent years that they are now easier to find – and to afford – as a rental. So, if someone in your life has been talking nonstop about the latest Ferrari or Porsche on the market but can’t afford to buy one outright, consider getting them a specialty weekend rental. Imagine the joy they will experience as they spend a wonderful 48 hours behind the wheel of their (next) dream car.


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What gifts would put smiles on the faces of the car lovers in your life?

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