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Detailing Antique Cars – Tips & Tricks

Detail 2Once you’ve bought one of history’s motorized treasures, the desire to keep it looking perfect is strong and antique and classic cars deserve all the time and love you can give them. So if you are looking for a few tricks to detailing your antique beauty, look no further. This article will give you the tips you need to help keep your antique vehicle the showstopper it was made to be.

Something that most antique or classic cars have is the blinding shine of chrome. While chrome can be a prominent feature on an antique car, that you are proud of, it can also be the downfall. When chrome gets dirty or fogged, it can turn your proud car into a has-been. The best trick for cleaning chrome is by using a soft cloth and avoid touching it with your fingers. If you keep his in mind, it can be quite ornamental and attractive.

The wheels on your car are like shoes. You never realize how key they are for your car’s overall look until they are dirty. Also, with the styling of classic wheels, getting them clean can be a real pain. The best way to take care of the in-between nooks and crannies of your car’s wheels is by using a toothbrush. When using the correct cleaner solution and toothbrush, you can make sure every cavity of your wheels look “mint-fresh” (fluoride not required!)

Detail 1A tip that many professional detailers and longtime classic car collectors use, is a two bucket cleaning method. When washing your car, having two buckets can be a real time and paint saver. The first is for fresh soap and cleaning solution, and the other is to rinse off the brush and rags. This helps prevent removed dirt and grime from one part of your car from getting rubbed back into your finish! This simple solution to a dirty brush really works!

A tip that seems self-explanatory, but in the end never is, is to always read whatever cleaning solution’s instructions are and follow them. Any detailer will tell you that this is a very important tip to keep in mind, as the directions can be the difference between a clean car and a damaged one. Every cleaning get solution has its own chemical makeup, even similar kinds, so be sure to follow the instructions and test the product on something other than your classic car first.

Detailing your antique car can sound overwhelming. The truth is though, it can be a fun and rewarding experience. If you follow these tips, take your time, and above else, show care and caution, you have a great time keeping your antique beauty clean. Then, take it to a show and put your hard work on display!

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