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Get Your Car Ready for Spring Cruising

SpringCruising2Well, it’s that time of the year again. Who knew that spring was going to come up on us this fast? This year, if you are looking to go on any spring vacation or want to take your car on a day cruise, then you are going to want to clean the car of the past winter’s harsh weather. You may also want to get all your regular maintenance done, to make sure your car is ready for a new season of better driving weather. There may even be some larger projects, that you have held off from because of the cold air or shortened days of winter, that would be perfect to accomplish for springtime.

As said previously, one task that you want to accomplish after winter passes into the rear-view mirror, is cleaning that mirror, and the rest of the car while you’re at it. Many people take time, in early spring, to reorganize and cleanse their life. This is a great time for you to do this with your vehicle. This doesn’t mean just driving through the car wash and taking the old napkins out of your cup holders, though that’s a great place to get started!

Let’s take a look at a few more specific tasks that can make this spring, and the rest of the year, a great drive…

  • SpringCruisingInterior spring cleaning of your car can include: Taking all trash out of your vehicle, including from your trunk and under the seats; wiping the dash and any surface with a disinfectant wipe and duster; cleaning off the inside of the windshield, vacuuming the seats, in between the seats, the mats, and anything that got under the mats.
  • Exterior spring cleaning can vary depending on where you live and what the weather did to the roads and your car over the wintertime. Essentially, if the roads you have been driving on were salted, then it has most likely caked your vehicle, you cleaning this off, both on the body and the under-carriage, can make a real difference in your life. Get your car waxed, or wax it yourself, for an extra shine and paint protection.
  • Catching up on your car’s scheduled maintenance is probably a good idea to include in your spring cleaning regimen, including checking and adjusting fluids, getting an engine oil and oil filter change, putting on a good set of windshield wiper blades, and checking the fuel cap and coolant pressure cap. Keeping in mind that slippery winter driving conditions can take a toll on your suspension and steering system, checking and adjusting the suspension alignment could save you money and headaches down the road. If you have dedicated snow tires on your car, you will need to swap those out until next year.
  • Finally, there may be some bigger items, that winter may have postponed, that would be perfect to accomplish during your spring cleaning. You may want to flush and refill your cooling system, or possibly rotate your tires. The project that you do not want to put off, or just ignore, is maintenance on you’re A/C. It is a good idea in early spring to check that your air conditioning is in working order. You do not want to be in the dead of summer, frustrated that you didn’t check the air conditioning system to see if was working at full capacity.

Spring cleaning on your car is a great way to purge it, and yourself, of the cold grip of winter, so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

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