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Looking Back at the 2016 New York International Auto Show

NYAS3New York’s famous annual auto show has always been one of car enthusiasts’ favorite events. Packed with all the upcoming models and brands, the NY auto show never seems to disappoint and this year was no different. This show pulled out all the stops, giving us an unrivaled glimpse into the car industry’s future. What did we see in March that gave us this exciting vision? Let’s take a look at some of the sights and sites!

There were plenty of thrilling unveilings and exciting sneak-peeks, that made this show shine. For example, Mazda unveiled its MX-5 RF, showing off the sporty design of the 2017 model. Another unveiling was actually a race car – Acura unveiled the 2017 NSX GT3 twin-turbocharged supercar, set to begin racing as soon as possible.

NYAS2We also got an up-close look a few different vehicles. The 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 convertible appeared which, in its debut, gave us a great look at what this 640-hp drop-top can do. We also saw Kia’s debut of the 2017 Cadenza as well as Acura’s 2017 MDX. These vehicle close-ups were special insights into the upcoming models as well as tangible evidence of future improvements and performance.

The New York Auto Show always has great concept cars as well. We saw some great models, that gave us hope for what our kids or our kid’s kids could be driving someday. One of the concepts that stuck in mind particularly, was Hyundai Genesis New York Concept. This vehicle has all the clean design features that you would expect from Hyundai’s luxury brand, with a little futuristic flavor mixed in. With a smoothly developed aspects, that we hope to see in their production cars, the New York Concept is a great example of innovation, and is what we are looking for from car designers, by giving us fresh new styles in practical designs.

NYAS1Another concept vehicle we saw was Lincoln’s Navigator. Armed with gull wing doors, this concept SUV will actually see the light of a production car’s day. Minus the more “conceptual” features, this SUV is eventually going to be more than a concept car and make it way into Lincoln’s lineup.

Overall, the New York Auto Show had a lot of great vehicle models and concepts displayed for the viewing public. The auto show gave us a clear picture of what the future holds in the world of cars, and helps us get a handle on what we could seeing not too long from now.

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