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Mercedes C Class 2017 Review

My favorite luxury has always been the Mercedes. Here is a great review of the 2017 C-Class, from carwow.

The Mercedes C-class. Now having one of these on your drive, lets your neighbors know that you have made a success out of your life. It’s just so stylish, so sleek, so elegant and that three-pointed star! Well, it’s a trophy, it’s much better than having something like this and inside, the car is equally as beautiful. In fact, slipping into a Mercedes C-class is a bit like strapping on an expensive handmade Swiss watch and this is not some façade or some cheap quartz movement underneath either, because everywhere you feel, all the materials are very high-quality.

Mercedes haven’t scrimped on cubby spaces either, it’s not bad for this class of car. There you go. Little bowl in the side door bin. In terms of equipment, impressive as well, all models get a reversing camera and you also get man-made leather seats and I know what you’re thinking, “Oh Man-made leather”. Believe me, I’d rather have that and the cloth trim, you get a standard in an Audi a4. What you want to do though is step up to the sports model, which this car is, because you get extra design trinkets inside the cabin and sat-nav as standard. There is a cheapo Garmin sat-nav, now you control it using this swivel wheel and touchpad and well, the systems alright but it’s not as good as you’ll find in either BMWs or Audis, and you can see our full review of the system by clicking on the card  see out inin the top right-hand corner of the screen to see our in-depth infotainment review.

Overall then, the Mercedes C-class is pretty blooming lovely, here in the front. As for the back, well the feeling of quality, that continues! For instance, if you look down here, at the back seats, you have actual folders like in an airplane, not just some knits as you do in other cars. Of course, it’s a Mercedes! But in terms of space, for rear passengers, yeah…Some of these rivals do fare better such as the Audi a4. I’m sitting up straight, I’m 5’11 and I’ve barely got enough headroom, so someone over six foot is really going to struggle. Also the middle seat, well the foot wells are quite small. You got this big hum which takes up a lot of space. So yeah, the middle seat, I think we’ll leave that for your intern. So really overall, there are better cars for taking your colleagues to that insurance seminar.

Now if you click on the top right-hand corner of the screen, you can see exactly what happened when we tried to squeeze three people in the back of this car and install a baby seat. Plus you can see just how much stuff we managed to cram into the boot. Speaking of which, the outright capacity of the C-classes boot is on a pole with it’s rivals and it’s practical enough. The only issue I have is the fact that this tailgate opening is just a little bit curved, which does hamper practicality somewhat. On the whole, I can’t complain too much. One thing I can complain about is if you want fold down rear seats on the entry-level model, you have to pay extra for those, but they’re standard on the high-spec versions and when you have them, you can carry really long items items in this car because you get a nice, flat, low bay. And check this out right, if you’ve got feeble wrists and you, “Oh dear, I, I can’t quite shut this tailgate,” our secret is a standard, get an automated one, so yeah. Thank god for that eh?

The C-class has some other features which are more useful is five of them. The sat-nav knows when you’re in a tunnel and turns off the air vents to prevent fumes entering the cabin. The car can drive and steer itself at speeds of up to 37 miles an hour. After that, I guess you’re on your own. The central locking has been specifically engineered to make an upmarket sounding clunk. The car can spot if you’ve entered a no entry and will tell you off for going the wrong way. The high beam mask oncoming traffic to prevent dazzling.

The C-class isn’t perfect though. Here’s some annoying things about it. In UK cars, the driving position is a little bit offset so you can feel a touch twisted behind the wheel. The shortcut buttons for the entertainment system aren’t with the controller, they’re there. The 2.1 liter diesel engine is pretty noisy. Sounds like it belongs in a band, not a car. At the moment, you can’t get the car in the UK with all-wheel drive. Why? Standard entertainment screening, a bit like a cheap knockoff iPad.

To be fair, this Mercedes doesn’t really need to be four wheel drive, as it’s very secure on the road. This Mercedes C-class, it really takes the sting out of long motorway journeys. It’s cabin is nice and quiet, the seats are really comfortable and feels planted when you’re going quickly. Especially if you’ve got the optional air suspension, which is unique in this class. Now if you can’t stretch to that set-up, you’ve got three choices.

So there’s the nice and soft comfort suspension in the SE model, which unfortunately just feels a bit too roly poly in the corners. Then there’s the really hard sporty suspension in the AMG line which is just too firm and fidgets about all over the place. Now the best bet is all in this car. This is the model and it has a happy midpoint, so you get good handling and decent comfort and it’s the one that I recommend you go for. Visibility in this car is pretty much the same as it’s rivals. So not bad for a saloon, not quite as good as a hatchback and you can see for yourself by clicking on the top right-hand corner of the screen on the card to watch our 360-degree video. In terms of engines, you can have petrol power, you can have hybrid power, you can have diesel power, which obviously is gonna be the most popular.

This is the 250 CDI, so it’s a 2.1 liter diesel engine and it’s got just over 200 horsepower and that’s good for naught to 60 in not much more than 6 seconds, so it feels really quick yet it gives good economy too so Mercedes says 65 miles per gallon. The chip computer says 51 miles per gallon, which isn’t bad at all. Now I would recommend you spend extra to get this engine, though most people will probably be fine with a slightly cheaper 220 CDI, which has the same engine but with just a bit less power. One thing you’ve got to spend extra on though is the automatic gearbox because Mercedes manual is a little bit yuck. And really? Should you have to change gears yourself in a Mercedes? Dear god no!

So then overall, what do I think of the Mercedes C-class? Well, that 2.1 liter diesel engine is a bit noisy and rear headroom a touch tight, but it’s a super luxurious car and it’s a really relaxing cruiser. If you click up there, you can see more information and find out the best deal you can get on a C-class on Thanks for watching!

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