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Restoring Classic Trucks – A Labor of Love

RestoreTruck1In spite of the fact that classic trucks lack modern technology and styling, there’s a certain “je ne se quoi,” if you will, about the look and sound of a classic truck. That look and sound is something pretty much lost in most modern trucks, which is why many a truck lover turn to classic trucks to get their fix. Unfortunately, there aren’t many classic trucks on the road, the majority of them having been consigned to the scrapyards or forgotten in barns and fields.

In the end, restoring classic trucks may be the only option left, not only for the “loves-truck” do-it-yourselfer, but even entire niche shops and industries. Indeed, whether it’s just a show truck, a work truck, or your daily driver, there is nothing quite like driving a classic truck that you’ve spent your hard-earned money and time on.

While niche shops and classic parts catalogs exist purely for profit, for many a DIY classic truck restorer, however, restoring a classic truck is a labor of love. Aside from the money and time, there’s plenty of blood, sweat, and tears, that go into restoring a classic truck, and finding the right balance can be difficult! Really it’s a matter of setting priorities and knowing your limitations.

Prioritizing Your Limited Resources

RestoreTruck2First, know that you have limited resources, that is, there is only so much blood, sweat, tears, time, and money, in your life. Second, know that restoring a classic truck is going to take a lot of your resources. Properly done, you will spend thousands of dollars and a number of years completing this project. Of course, you’ll have to start with something, perhaps a junkyard truck or a barn-find, and then you’ll need tools, parts, and supplies, and space to put everything. Then, you’re going to spend time turning that un-drivable and unsightly heap into the classic truck of your dreams.

If you’re a family man (Or woman! No, we haven’t forgotten you ladies!), ask yourself honestly, “What is more important to me? My spouse and kids or my truck?” Chances are, you’re going to say your family comes first, no matter how much you love your truck. Knowing this, now you can prioritize spending of your limited resources – time, money, blood, sweat, tears. Ignoring this counsel has led many a DIYer down a long and twisted road of sadness.

On the other hand, if you can properly balance the needs of your family with your own needs, you can have it all! You can have a happy family life and a beautiful classic truck, both of which will make you the envy of the town.

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