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Ten Classic Car Detailing Tips

4818543652_66a3b80789_bTreating your classic car right involves more than just bringing it to a car wash. Whether you bought after it was restored, or put in the many hours to bring it back to its former glory, your classic car deserves the necessary care of a good detailing. We have a tips to give your classic that extra shine as it drives through the summer’s sun.

  1. Detail Oriented – A car wash will often neglect wheels, making whatever it did clean, insignificant. Using a toothbrush and wheel cleaning solution can ensure you get in between all the curves and divots.
  2. Read the Manual – When you buy a specific detailing product, make sure to follow the directions. Simply applying the product, without looking at the provided instructions, can lead to little or no results. Indeed, it could actually do more harm than good!
  3. Be Thorough – Often-neglected is the engine compartment. The car wash doesn’t clean it and oftentimes, you forget how dirty it can get in there. If you have good lighting, you can see the details of each part, and what you can do to make them look new again.
  4. Don’t Mix and Match5423253476_8d51636df5_bBefore you even start detailing, make sure you have plenty of different rags. Using the same rag to detail multiple areas on your vehicle can actually be counter-productive, as you are using different solutions for different areas.
  5. Don’t Pick at That – When detailing the body of the car, and you notice a slight bubble in part of the surface, don’t immediately try to push it in or mess with it. It could be an imperfection that, if not taken care of correctly, could become something far worse.
  6. Carpet Care – To clean the carpets, you can use compressed air, spraying the dirt from the edges of the carpet to the center. Then, spray it consistently while moving it back and forth across the main surface of the carpet. Finally, vacuum the dirt up, preferably with a wide vacuum attachment.
  7. Super Absorbent – If the upholstery is stained with grease or oil, from when you were working on the car, all is not lost. You can sprinkle baby powder on the stained spot, let it sit for about thirty minutes, then dust it off with a toothbrush. The stain should be gone and you should be able to just vacuum the rest of the powder up.
  8. A Few Small Details14435303019_6bcf920138_bThere are a lot of areas that can be forgotten inside as well. The dashboard and vents will build up dust and can actually be cleaned with cotton swabs. They are small enough, and pick up dirt well enough, to clean the small air vents quite effectively. They can also be used for cleaning between dials, buttons, and really anything with seams that a rag just won’t clean.
  9. Sticky Stuff – To remove stickers from the window, pull as much off with your fingers as possible. Dampen the remaining spot with rubbing alcohol and use a razor blade to scrape it off. Then, simply wipe the spot down again.
  10. Buffer Zone – For extra shine, you can buff the paint job, only be sure to use a dual-action buffer, not a polisher. One will allow you to shine your vehicle, and the other will take the color off completely.

There is a wealth of different cleaning solutions, products, and tips out there for detailing a classic car. Make sure to look up reviews, directions, and uses, before you start the process. The more you know about the best way to clean your car, and the products you can use, the more effectively and efficiently you can do it.

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