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The Best Road Rallies for your Classic

Class1Not every owner of a classic car is into sitting for hours at a car show. Some feel the need for speed and want their vintage iron out competing with modern vehicles. Rallies offer drivers a chance to use their vehicle at max performance, without the risk of being on the wrong side of the law. Here are the best road rallies for your classic powerhouse.


Arguably the most famous automotive rally in the United States, thanks in large part to a reality TV show on Spike TV, Bullrun is also one of the craziest. Competition to get into this annual event is fierce, and the cars either have to be exotic, expensive, wildly original customs, or most likely a combination of all three. A lot of celebrity drivers participate in the several thousand mile drive across the country, and participants have varied from Mario Andretti and Richard Rawlings, to Ice-T and Paris Hilton. (September 4th-11th)

One Lap of America

TClass2his annual weeklong event is far more than just driving a pre-determined route. One Lap is a weeklong competition featuring time trial events at different tracks around the country. Last year’s rally featured 19 events; everything from drag racing and autocross, to road races and a wet skidpad. Competitors get points for the lowest time/lap in each event, and an overall winner is crowned at the end. If that isn’t hard enough, the competitors have to do it all on one set of tires. (May 2nd– 9th)

Silver State Classic Challenge

Although not technically a rally, this open road racing event is too cool not to include on this list. The Silver State Classic was created in the late ‘80s to give owners of classic muscle cars a way to legally explore their limits. The Highway Patrol shuts down the State Route 318 in Nevada for one day, letting participants chose their top speed. On this day you can find everything from tri-five Chevys and classic Mustangs, to modern Ferraris and even Saturns. There’s no viewers, so it’s just you, and your co-pilot/navigator, competing against the stopwatch. (September 17th-20th)


The odd looking name is a portmanteau of Ouray, Colorado and rally, and the title is very fitting for this personal experience. Winding through the alpine heights of small town Colorado, the Ourally offers some of the best views from the road available. The event takes place each fall, and is one of the best ways to see the fall colors of the Rockies. From rugged peaks, to seven major mountain passes, and 1,100 miles of open road, this five day rally has it all. The entrance fee is only $500, with all funds benefiting the Wright Opera House. (October 5th – 8th)


Dustball is turning a decade old in 2015, and has gained a reputation as one of the most fun and unpretentious rallies to attend. The event started as a typical timed event averaging participants speed, but organizers noticed the majority of drivers were just out to have fun. Now, the 1,000 mile course covers several back roads through the southwest, and participants stop at preselected locations to solve zany puzzles, or find an obscure and odd landmark. While Dustball is a traditional rally, it is also the most fun multi-state scavenger hunt out there. (August 3rd – 9th)

Planning to attend any of these classic car rallies? Let us know.

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