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The Coolest Cars in Film

There have been a lot of great movies over the decades that feature cars that steal the show. Here is a quick list of some of the more memorable vehicles to grace the silver screen. Is your favorite listed?


gm1A 1948 Ford Deluxe is a handsome, but rather plain car. Fortunately, Grease turned the nostalgia way up, and the two versions of Greased Lightning are very memorable. Danny (John Travolta) races the white and silver Lightning riding on whitewalls with chrome baby moon hubcaps. The wildly modified red dream version of the Lightning is also a ’48 Ford, although that one is over the top, and someone dropped about a hundred thousand dollars on it to make it happen. The result is a series of cars that steal the show.

The Fast and the Furious

After an hour and a half of listening to buzzing four cylinders (and one straight six in the Toyota Supra), when Dom (Vin Diesel) fires up “The Beast” for the first time, the movie finally gets serious. The black beauty in the first Fast movie is a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T. 1970 was the last year of the second generation Charger, and had option boxes for 440 and 426 HEMI engines. Considering the movie car could wheel stand at will, we have to assume Dom’s dad made the right engine choice. While the Charger is destroyed at the end (don’t worry, it was a junkyard ready prop car), it is rebuilt for the later movies, making the entire series worth watching.

Back to the Future (all)

bttfJohn DeLorean was one amazing car designer, despite his later legal issues. The DMC-12 was already legendary when the first BTTF came out in 1985, and the fun and popularity of the movie, combined with the entertaining modifications to the movie car, forever cemented its place in movie history. While the real DeLorean engine underwhelms with 130 horsepower and the acceleration of a Prius (seriously), the DMC-12 is always welcome at car shows and attracts a crowd based on the goodwill of Back to the Future fans. Everyone loves that movie.

The Wraith

While an utter bore of a movie filled with ‘80s cheese, The Wraith offers a technological tour de force in the form of the Dodge M4S Turbo Interceptor. Although the actual vehicle has none of the supernatural abilities shown in the movie (that would be awesome), Dodge built the M4S as a true supercar that is impressive even today. A 2.2L four cylinder is turbocharged within an inch of its life to deliver 450 horsepower and a 200 mph top speed. This is one car Dodge should have built in the ‘80s, as the sleek coupe could have single-handedly saved them from bankruptcy.

As you have noticed, this cars in movie list is not comprehensive and is subject to opinion. Notable examples that are missing are the Porsche 917K from Le Mans, the gorgeous Probe 16 from A Clockwork Orange, Steve McQueen’s Mustang in Bullitt, the stunning “Eleanor” from Gone in 60 Seconds, and pretty much every Batmobile. Another post for another time, maybe. What do you think should be on this list?

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