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Tips for Preventing Drunk Driving

DUI 1Driving drunk is a serious crime. Yet hundreds of drivers will be killed this December by drivers that are under the influence of alcohol. The risk to themselves and others, their property and insurance rates, the embarrassment of having a criminal record; all of it is not enough to prevent drunk driving. The drink driver simply did not have a plan to prevent the impaired driving. With that in mind, here are several tips to help prevent drunk driving.

  • Have a plan. Know where you are going, and if alcohol is served there. Decide beforehand if you are going to drink. If so, have a way to get home without driving. If you plan not to drink, stick to it.
  • Be a designated driver. If you are going out with friends, and alcohol is being served, volunteer to be the DD. This service has several bonuses. In addition to everyone getting home safely, a lot of bars serve non-alcoholic drinks to the DD for free. Plus, you can tell your buddies that they owe you one.
  • Plan to call a cab. Have their number in your pocket, and dial them when you are about to leave. The best plan of action is to leave your keys at home and take a cab to the location, but that is not always possible. Have the address of the location written with the phone number of the cab company, so you can easily give it to them.
  • Use a rideshare service. Uber and Lyft are spreading rapidly, and while cab companies are not fans, many satisfied customers are proving that ride sharing is here to stay. Relax and get an affordable ride home in a comfy vehicle with a new friend.
  • DUI 2Use public transportation. It’s super cheap, it runs late, and it’s a warm safe ride to near your home.
  • You can’t get charged with a DUI if you are walking 2 blocks home. Obviously this works better if you live close to the bar of your choice, and not so well if you are attending a workplace Christmas party on the other side of the city.
  • Wait it out. No coffee will not help you sober up. Only time will lead to sobriety, as the liver can only process approximately one drink per hour. Knowing this calculation, which is an estimate, you can have four drinks and stop drinking alcohol at 9 pm, and you should be good to drive after 1 am. Keep in mind; alcohol processing varies by the person.
  • Have a Breathalyzer on hand. Technology has shrunk the reliable blood alcohol measurement device so it fits on a keychain. They start at just $30, and will give you an accurate assessment of weather you should be on the road, or letting someone else take you home. If it says you are tipsy, you’re too drunk to drive.

December is Drunk Driving Prevention Month as it is the deadliest time of the year for alcohol impaired drivers. Its hard enough to survive driving during the colder months.  Do your part by planning ahead and preventing another tragic statistic. As this list shows, there really is no excuse, as there are many ways to prevent drunk driving.

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