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What is a Car Club?

what is a car club?According to Wikipedia, a “club” is an organization or association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal. When we were kids, we formed and joined clubs all the time – How many of us formed our own chapters of Calvin’s GROSS (Get Rid Of Slimy girlS) club, only to realize how great they were later? – chess clubs, glee clubs, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and the list goes on. Now we’re all grown up, and there are country clubs, social clubs, service clubs, car clubs, and more.

As our opening definition asserts, a car club is an organization of people united by a common interest in cars, and car clubs are as varied as their automobiles and their members. Do you own, maintain, repair, restore, drive, or are just interested in a specific automobile age, type, model, or brand? Give yourself thirty seconds browsing “car club” Google search results, and you’ll note at least a dozen different car club genres: electric car club, convertible club, Cadillac club, Ford Model T club, rat rod club, veterans car club, sports car club…

That’s Great, But You Still Haven’t Told Me What a Car Club Is

Perhaps the best way to discover what a car club is would be to join one. As a member, you’ll meet other people who are just as enthusiastic about cars are you are. Depending on the club, members enjoy:

  • learn about car clubsCar Shows – Members often get together to show off their rides, and this is a great place meet people, see cars, talk about cars, and share tips on everything from auto detailing to beer.
  • Car Cruises – Of course, cars are meant to be driven, and car club cruises are a great way to share the experience.
  • Car Racing – Since the invention of the automobile, people have been pushing them to their limits. The first motor-race was won at a blazing 11.8 mph in 1894. Today, some car clubs get together to put their metal and mettle to the test on the track, some as low as 10 mph and others over 200 mph.
  • Swap Meets – If you’re in the middle of your restoration or customization and you just can’t find a part, chances are that it isn’t listed anywhere. A club-organized swap meet just might be the place to get rid of extra parts and find exactly what you need to finish your own project.

Given that cars have been a part of our history for well over a century, it should come as no surprise that car clubs are nearly as old. In fact, the oldest car club in America is (anecdotally) the Knight Riders, which formed back in 1934 (they changed their name to California Roadsters in 1940-ish) and are still active today. European car clubs go back even further, the Lancashire Automobile Club forming in 1902. Join a car club today, and you just might help to bring it into the next century!

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