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Which Cars Will Be Big in 2017?

Big 2If you’re still freaking out about the latest presidential election results, we won’t interrupt you. We realize you have better things to do. In the meantime, we wonder what cars are going to be big this year. Depending on who you ask, and considering there are better than 400 models vying for our attention, the biggest cars of 2017 are up for debate. Every year, October car enthusiast magazines are overflowing with motorized eye candy for every taste – just check the curves in the full-color foldout on page 17, would you? That’s a fine-looking ride. This year’s magazines are no different, especially now that the 2017 models are rolling out to dealerships across the country.

Centerfolds and the Lack Thereof

Big 1Crossovers are increasingly popular, offering significant benefits over the typical sedan – space, visibility, fuel economy, etc. Still, Car and Driver seems to think sedans are still relevant, pointing to a 2017 full of nondescript crossovers with no personality.

Road & Track makes similar appeals to those who love to drive, particularly in a world where automobiles are taking more away from drivers than ever before, who are left with an uninspired and blah driving existence. Still, we wonder if the economy has gotten to the point where we can worry about the personality of this year’s Ford GT. The economy of the Honda Civic EX and the utility of a Jeep Cherokee are higher priorities for most of us.

Automobile Magazine ignored the topic altogether, focusing on classic cars and a great history of the Camaro. If the DeLorean DMC-12 reaches production in 2017 as AM suggests, we’re staking our money on that one for the enthusiast crowd.

The Economist went one worse and we’re not sure if they mentioned anything about this year’s lineup of cars. Of course, they were probably more preoccupied with the election, which we have to admit came as a surprise

A Few Highlights

Big 3There are cars, crossovers, and trucks for every taste, some old names and new faces. The 2017 Jeep Wrangler Repair Manual has been completely redesigned, except for off-road capability, which looks to be as strong as ever. The Lexus RX might be getting third-row seating, but not until late 2017. Toyota Corolla has been redesigned for 2017 – could this be an attempt at shaking off its economy-car persona? Ford Escape SE has been freshened up for 2017, and seeks to give drivers a little something edgier and more spirited than the ho-hum family wagon.

The fifth-gen Audi A4 looks like it’s trying to take some of the spotlight away from the BMW 3 Series, which should be an interesting debate in 2017. Off-roaders, if the Wrangler doesn’t get your goat, maybe it’s the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro that’ll do it, no matter how deep the snow or how slick the mud. Porsche went smaller, which is wild, putting a turchocharged four-cylinder under the hood of the 2017 Porsche Macan.

No matter what you’re driving this year, whether you’re buying something new or used or still running what you got into the ground, pay attention to the roads. Maybe you’ll see something different!

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